JINNNN 2017 Autumn and Winter collection presents women's aesthetic feeling from a male perspective. Designers define women in this season as the image of a loner in the male flavor. A large number of dark-black fabrics with a clear outline of the inner lap, while the coat is the 90s U.S. Army's tooling and uniform structure, with a large number of details of crystal and hand beads, using this series of elements to describe the image of club women from Paris Night Festival. The use of leather and the addition of thick black velvet are also continuing the Chinese culture of the previous level, but this time, with the method of military uniform and the inspiration of Muse background switching, the dress format is rebuilt. Every girl who stepped on the background of DJ music and nightclub wearing riveted lacquered boots, with each different eyewear of JINNNN, is telling the audience. This is a tough girl.