“Clothes are just a statement wrapped around your body.”JINNNN is not merely a clothing brand. We are an advocate of a honest lifestyle attitude.Every woman hides an alter ego in her heart –– one that turns its back on societal norms, the most authentic part of herself deeply concealed and repressed. JINNNN excavates the modern woman’s alter ego, daring her to adore and declare herself. Even if she’s a little bad, a little self-centered, really what’s the harm in that? Clothing is just a uniform that embodies an attitude, and JINNNN imparts women the power to rebel.JINNNN was founded in Shanghai by Jin Chongyu. The name JINNNN comes from the designer’s last name, but because JIN, JINN, JINNN all had trademark registration issues, the brand became JINNNN. There’s no reason for naming our brand JINNNN other than that. But who cares, a name is just another symbol anyway. We trust that the content is more important.