JINNNN 2015FW is the first collection in the ready-to-wear market instead of the original haute couture brand -LES JIN 。 Modern and sharp bad girls are the female image JINNNN has been targeting. The creative director -Jinchongyu be the cross-border visual director of JINNNN 2015 FW visual advertising film, in order to match the design concept - modern bad girls of this season, he created a fantastic scene of women's prison, both powerful and chic. This time redefine the "bad" meaning, BE BAD BE JINNNN, this fills in the blank will decided by JINNNN.
JINNNN2015 FW is the first season of the brand. The overall atmosphere adds high-level interest to the sexy and powerful image of women. As an image starting from bad girls, on the basis of the expression of clothing itself, together with the rebellious and sophisticated visual film "Women's Prison", each image is expressing the different outgoing and arrogant women. Sex, but everyone is quite different. In addition to the dark street language, the creative director will also study advanced custom garment technology for a long time, combining fabric and style, applying Miao's unique Miao embroidery and color expression to show pieces, and 3D hot cutting process hook. The leather skirt is full of the sense of future technology at the same time.