JNNNN X PERCY LAU LBAMBI is inspired by Japanese top Voguing dancer Bambi Naka. The rotatable double-layer lens like the Voguing dancing posture of Bambi spinning rapidly, and the flowing metal texture is mingled with the east wind and dark dance wind. The two designers are based on double layer styling, and the outer lenses are decorated with white pearls, which are contrasted with the narrow lenses of the inner outline. The new lenses of the new cooperative glasses add more and more functions to the left and right valgus, presenting two distinct stereovision. Percy Lau X JINNNN 2018 autumn and winter cooperation glasses collection consist of three unique colors, in addition to water red green two types of color glasses, more pink green matching color
Japan top dancer Bambi inspires the second collaboration of designer eyewear brand JINNNN and Percy Lau. The design integrates the hand movement of BAMBI NAKA With the twist-abledouble lenses and reflects the Eastern Dance style on the flowing metal texture. Being a two-way eyewear combining the unique elements of JINNNN and Percy Lau, the pearl frame of the glasses can be the second layer of the lenses or the decoration of the temple after twisted 270